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Default Re: my journey begins

For the break in I prefer to use a good non synthetic oil like Castrol or shell Rotella for the first gallon of mix, then switch to your favorite synthetic 2 cycle oil. The echo weed whacker oil is good stuff or any other chainsaw or yard equipment 2 cycle oils will do just fine. I like opti2 a lot too and have run my engine on that at 100:1, the bike definitely liked it and started real easy on it but I won't recommend it for high rpm use where more oil should be used in the mix. Most the oils mentioned above for garden equipment will do great at 32 or 40:1 and amsoil dominator racing oil is also really good stuff at your favorite ratio as well.
These engines aren't too picky tho so just finding a decent synthetic after the first few tanks will do just fine... I think I broke my first one in with quaker state 10w40 mixed at 32:1 then switched to opti2 at 100:1 after the first tank and it did just fine.
There's still a lot of debate going on about oils and ratios but pretty much anything you run in these will work unless you just run straight gas which will ruin your engine on short order... one of my friends in here has been just using plain 30 weight cheap oil in one with a cheap ebay engine and so far it's been running just fine... I'm not sure if he's doing this to see if it will work long term or just proving a point, but so far that engine is still running great.

Now for the clutch arm, the best ones are the longer ones that have a slight bend in the arm but if you don't have that one, or even if you do have the longer bent arm, I made up a roller setup for mine and don't even use that cable mount on the engine. Others have made side mounted brackets that point the cable straight at the clutch arm and get the same result as the roller... a very smooth and easy clutch.
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