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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Just did some more transfering parts off the old mountain bike frame to the new one... I still need to get a wide 3 piece crank set for this one and I'm going to need to make a set of billet mounts since the frame tube is too wide. I'm also going to need to get a few more spacers for the head unit since this one is a little shorter than the other one and the stem won't sit all the way down like it's supposed to, but a 1/4 or 3/8" spacer should make it fit just right.
This frame is a little bigger than the old frame but space will still be pretty limited. I did a test fit by setting an engine in the frame so I know it'll have a little more room than the other one but not much, There shouldn't be any problems using a shorty intake and an 18mm Mikuni or a 21mm Dellorto. I'm going to try and use the Super Rat engine I built in this frame but the front mount bolts are too close together for the frame tube to fit in between so I'll either make a billet mount or see if I can open up the billet mount I already have enough to go around the frame tube, the one I got is about 1/16" too small so I'm going to try and use it before making a new one.
This one will get the Super Rat engine I built a few months ago along with a CR80 pipe and a 21mm Dellorto PHBG carb since that's what I got sitting around at the shop. I may try and get an Arrow reed and do the necessary cylinder and piston mods but I can still make this one plenty fast as a piston port. This one may go back on hold as I get closer to finishing the road bike, but I got some good progress on it tonight.

Here's an idea of what this one's going to look like...

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