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Default Re: my journey begins

You can get the Fred head anywhere from 5 to 8cc's, I prefer the 6cc as a good "all around" high compression head, it gives a good boost to the compression ratio, but not so much that it's hard to turn over or that one would need to run race fuel just to keep it from pinging.
I've been using a pull starter on mine and it pulls over fairly easily and usually starts on the first or second pull in the summertime or when the engine is warmed up, but in the winter when it's down in the 30's here it can take up to 4 pulls before it starts, but it's never took more than 4 pulls to start the engine even in the cold with a cold engine. I would recommend the pull starter to anyone who has a shift kit, centrifugal clutch, or just dont like bump starting the engine, they're cheap, they don't add a lot of rotating mass to the engine, and they're reliable for the most part.
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