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Default Re: my journey begins

Yeah, the twin plug thing has already been proven not to make any extra power but it looks cool and it sells... and if someone is going from a stock head to this or any high compression head they will feel a difference.
It does have some advantages tho in the sense that you can run a lot less timing advance since it burns the fuel twice as quickly if the plugs are placed far enough apart so the peak cumbustion pressure happens sooner. If you remember those 80's Nissan 4 bangers that had the dual plug heads, the timing was set to only 3 degrees instead of single plug engines where the timing was set somewhere around 12 to 15 degrees initial advance. So it pretty much makes the engine detonation proof, supposedly does a more complete burn of the fuel since the timing is retarded back by around 10 degrees as well as there being 2 points of combustion, so it could work more effectively if the timing could be adjusted to compensate for this.

As far as power goes, any good high compression head will make a noticeable difference from just off idle all the way to redline. I still like the 6cc Fred heads best for my builds since they're pretty versatile, the extra power is definitely noticed, and fred sells them cheaper than the knock offs. I do like this guy's heads tho since they follow the lines of the engine really well and have nice combustion chambers, but the fred head will still keep things cooler due to it's huge mass compared to stock. I don't think one would run into overheating issues with this other head tho, unless they're breaking in a new engine in 100 degree heat, but it'll still do a lot better than a stock head.
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