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Default Bought a second hand engine/bike, having some problems

Howdy folks, long time no post

Over the course of the past few years I've had my shed broken into and heaps of my stuff stolen including my motorised bicycle (not that I was using it much anyway).

I found a "hardly used" bike and engine posted in my local area and picked it up for $100. The front motor mount wasn't attached, the rear sprocket was installed wrong, no killswitch wired, fuel line leaked. I got it home, rewired the CDI using heatshrink and stuff, replaced fuel line and filter, fixed all the issues, and went to run it. It was bogging down, hard to start, a combination of problems. I noticed one of the head bolts were loose, the stud was stripped. I went to undo the other 3 bolts, each one just snapped the stud with no force. So I went and bought some 6mm threaded rod and replaced them all. Anyway, so far I've spent about $15 replacing parts on this bike, so no biggie really, but it's still running weird.

Seems to idle ok, when I ride it, it jerks a lot, backfires, or just bogs down and dies.

Disassembled the carb, cleaned it all, I adjusted the float, and the c clip.

The float seems to kind of sometimes overflow, which I will fix soon, and when I adjusted the C clip, it ran normal for a while, then after letting it cool and running it again, it started bogging down and stuff again. I'm under the theory it's kind of flooding. Pretty sure it's not the head.

I'm going out soon to pick up some O rings (inside the carb/manifold). I think air is getting in between the carb and manifold and a new spark plug (stock plug in there, will replace with NGK B6HS).

Any other suggestions? I'm going to replace the spark plug, adjust the float again, add an O ring to the carb/manifold, then play with the C clip again.
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