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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Nothing got done to the road bike project today but I had some free time to reassemble the specialized frame after painting it. That's the one that I'm replacing for the mountain bike. The front half of the frame has been painted and finished for over a month but I needed to clean up and repaint the swing arm and the rear shock spring. I didn't have enough free time to do the stuff I need to on the road bike so I worked this one since if a customer did come in while I was working on it I could just drop what I was doing and take care of them. I got the frame reassembled but left off needing to take the parts off the broken frame and transfer them to the new frame. Then once I get that done I'm going to need to fire up the cnc and make a new front and rear mount, since this one has an aluminum frame I'm not going to take any chances with muffler clamp type mounts or any steel strap brackets, the bottom tube is too big for the billet mounts some places sell so I'm going to make my own for a perfect fit. Also since this one has rear suspension I'm going to need to come up with a better way to keep the chain tight enough but not too tight so I'm planning on getting a spring tensioner from turbobuick and putting a heavier longer spring in place so the chain will keep a constant tension but not go too tight. I'm also going to keep the rear shock set on the firm side to limit the travel and prevent bottoming out. I got a good source for springs if this one is too hard or soft, and since this one will stay on the street I won't need much travel. I'll try and post pics in the morning...
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