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Default Re: How to know when broken in? Fuel ratios?

I used to care, but my experience shows none of it really matters. I've run opti2 at 100:1 from break in to destruction on daily riders, stopped using it in race bikes because it didn't hold up, put the worst crap lawnmower gas pre mixed months earlier in my bikes, bought off-the-shelf synthetics, bargain brands, exotic racing oils, castor bean oils, etc.

Everything seems to work fine.

I mix everything by eye. 20:1? 32:1? Heck, how about approximately 27.5:1.3?

I just pour it in and go.

That old gas can with brown stuff in it? That's probably about right. Maybe I'll just add a little more oil just to be safe.

Changed the sending unit on a 1960 falcon ranchero that sat for 15 years. Sure, that gas will work. Lemme hit pep boys for that $1.99 bottle of 2 cycle oil. Add that to the gas and whatever residue left in the oil change pan I draned the gas into, using luck and apathy as a measuring stick, and my bike has a whole new scent, but still ran fine. The more smoke, the better. Let's people know I've been there.

Only thing I haven't tried is 30w motor oil, which is what these motors were designed to run on, just because I needed that oil for the monthly top-off on the cadillac.

I've seen bikes so covered in old oil you could probably wipe them down, squeeze the rag into your tank, and go another 50 miles.

Break in is for shoes and leather jackets. Just fill up your damn bike and run it full throttle all day. If it's gonna blow, it's gonna blow.
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