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Default Re: Cylinder Stud broken

I didn't even think to mention using an easy out last night, but they are very effective for removing broken bolts or studs when they break right flush with or just a little short nub sticking out... just gotta drill thru the center of the broken stud, and the combination of hammering and turning will usually make just about any broken faster give up and come out... if it's still really tough, heat can still be applied.
One more weapon I got in my arsenal is a screw knocker, basically it goes into a rivet gun or air hammer and has a 3/8 drive on the other end so you can put a Phillips or standard screwdriver tip or a small socket to hold the easy out, pul, the trigger while turning the wrench on the knocker and it shakes the **** out of the broken fastener until it has no choice but to give up and come out. This tool isn't very common for automotive or motorcycle use, but very common for aircraft so look at an aircraft tool site for these...
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