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Default Re: very bad gas mileage.

I am using the 16:1 ratio right now, but i will take it to 24:1 on on my next gallon of gas. And i admit i do baby the engine quite a lot, and i have only gone full throttle for a few seconds at a time, but the main reason for that is i am scared to go that fast, the bike is hitting 35mph at half throttle, but for the brief seconds that i do go full it is not 4 stroking, and it has a scary amount of power. Enough power to easily do a wheelie when i'm already going 20mph. I guess i will find a road without too many cars and give it WOT for a little while. Also, what is the right plug color to look for? Thanks to everyone on the forum for answering all my questions, and hopefully i will be able to help someone else fix their bike problems at some point.
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