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Default Re: my journey begins

thanks Davezilla, I have the high performance semi synth lucas oil, but I will be trying to mount and start with in a resonable time. I started work again, so the project will slow down a bit. but I'm gonna get er done.

I was asking around about balancing my crank, but I don't think I'll bother. I really want to wrap this up and get her rolling, and I'm impatient to find and wait for someone to do it.

I have started matching my ports, and ya there is alot of extra material compared to the jug. I still have a little more to go and it's hard to see the excess material in a photo, it's hard to see with the eye. but gentle braille you can feel the difference.

now I know alot of people have looked at this thread, and thought that I must be stunned for never even having ridden a motorized bike and tearing a new engine right to pieces and practicing my shaping skills. I had my reasons, as stated early in this thread. but it's been alot of fun, and gratifying. until I went to split the crank case. no matter how well I match the ports, I wouldn't do it again. but of course having had that memorable experience, I will do it again.

all that said I have to thank Legwon for his help and encouragement and Davezilla of course as well as Fred for his video and gasbike for their cgi vid. and I'm only at a pile of pieces at this point. yeehaw
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