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Angry Cylinder Stud broken

Hi all! I've managed to over-torque one of my head bolts, and the stud sheared off at the top threading with 3 or 4 threads remaining. At this point I have the jug removed and the piston is hanging limply between the 3 good studs and the mostly-stud with paper toweling around it. The gasket between the cylinder and the crank case (the cylinder gasket?) is a mess - it took a **** of some doing to even pull the jug off.

My problem is that no matter what I try, I can't remove the broken stud. I've chewed it up pretty good with my limited tools and bought a locking pliers, but it won't budge for the life of me. Wrapped rubber bands around it, tried gouging my pliers into the material for a grip, but nothing. There aren't enough threads for the double-nut trick, and I don't have a welder.

Does anyone have advice for me before I take it to the auto body? Sorry if this has been asked. I did search, but all I see are motor mount studs - can't imagine no one has had this problem before, 12 lbs isn't too hard to exceed with your arm.

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