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Default I gave away my motorized bike

In Australia the laws on motorized bikes ,I don't think anyone is shore what they are. A mate of mine who lives in the country needed a bike for short 5K trip to work , so I gave him my beloved motorized bike as he would most likely have any trouble with cops. I was sad to see it go as I gave me many miles of fun. There was a no money spared in the build I just wanted the best bike I could build. I missed that bike so much ,I knew I had to get on two wheels again. After a couple of weeks bike less I bit the bullet and went looking for a bike. It didn't take to long and decided on a Honda VTR1000 fantastic bikes.
Being only a smallish bloke the bike is very heavy and very fast. I'm very happy to be on two wheels again. I wont be leaving the forum just because I don't have one at the moment
have a great day

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