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Default Re: Engine kit for schwinn occ chopper

I'm also in the process of building one but put mine on hold until I have more time for it, but I got my mounts from , you can do a lot of this yourself but you can get an offset mount or a set of billet mounts depending on what you want... The offset mount looks ok and makes it real easy to install the engine, then the billet mounts are for more of a custom look, they're a little pricy but they will look the best. Pedalchopper also has the Manic type hub adapter with a selection of rear sprocket sizes and a few other goodies just for the OCC stingray bikes.
You can also use the original back tire or a 4.00x16, and possibly a 4.50x16 motorcycle tire will fit the rim if you plan on going fast. Pedalchopper's link is on the side of this page so check them out for some of their solutions to motorizing one of these.
What you can do on your own tho is beef up the frame since these are known to crack at the chain stay and the lower tube at the seat post area. A few extra gussets on the frame will prevent the cracking or you can run it as is but check it regularly.
The front forks on these aren't the best geometry and I've heard using a WCC chopper front end makes it handle much better but there are other aftermarket front ends that'll make it handle better as well.
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