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Default $4 sissy bar

I learned a new trick!

Weld a cap on one end of 1/2" conduit, and a nut on the other. I used 1/2 nuts and bolts. Fill the pipe with dry sand. Keep tamping the sand down until you can pack no more in. Thread the bolt in the end with the welded on nut. This packs the sand super tight. Now, bend at your will! I used a piece of 4" pipe scrap to form the sissy bar. It makes beautiful kinkless curves. I then cut the bar to length and drilled mounting holes.

I did this because my rear rack fell off. It had ammo cans mounted to either side and was super wobbly. It fell off while riding and really irked me. I also wanted a more comfortable seat, so im working on building a pseudo banana style saddle. Sort of cafe style, sort of banana. The battery will mount under the seat now, so no more ammo cans.
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