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Default Re: my journey begins

Thanks Davezilla, that clears it up a bit. well, I have a 40mm boost bottle...

I will probably find a washer and longer screw for this, it snugs up well right now though.

the throat of the boost intake is smaller than the intake that came with the engine, kit intake on left


the gasket is fitted to the port ok, a lot better than this


so is this ok? if I use it, should I bore out the intake to match the gasket?

on another note, I tried ramping the piston to the tranfers, and I wanted ramps to be angled to the intake


so it's not very asymmetrical. can I even run it like this? or too off balance?


I also managed to get the screw out with a friends impact driver, although is still took quite a few good taps to break loose. so now I can split the crankcase. then...what's a flywheel puller? Doh! well it's necessary to crack the case that's for sure. and it's not carried by most of the normal stores. found one on amazon, 19mm x 1 but I'm not sure if it's that or 19mm x 1.5 that i see out there as well.

I might be able to get one macgyvered if I know the inner number.
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