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Default Re: my journey begins

The most common intake spacings are 32 and 40 but there are some out there that are 35mm and I got a few with the 35mm bolt spacing over here, basically it just means make my own gaskets or do a little trimming if I use an "off the shelf" gasket. I've had to trim some intakes to work with these 35mm cylinders as well... They usually come with an intake, no problem there, but when upgrading it means a little extra dremel work. I got a 35mm intake bolt spacing on my latest project and had to do this to make a 32mm aftermarket intake fit it... Basically took a cutting wheel and cut the ends in toward the holes so they are open but slotted now, the aluminum on this intake is 5/16" thick so it don't effect the sealing at all... I wouldn't use this method on a thin flanged intake...

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