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Smile Re: Harbor Freight 212cc on Motoped Cruzer?

Originally Posted by Barnfresh View Post
My point exactly! Your bike is one of the most awesome builds ever, with the race credentials to back it up. In my opinion it borderlines on art. That's why I couldn't believe you of all people would tell someone with a dream of creating something truly unique not to waste their time and money doing it. When I built my 1st Motoped I didn't want to be like the rest of the sheeple running those heavy E-22 clone motors with clunky transmissions, I wanted more. More horsepower or more torque. Initially I was going to go big horsepower with a 45hp XR50 motor but changed my mind and went with a high torque setup instead. I'm pretty pleased with the 180ft lbs of torque my Motoped makes, it's a blast to ride and I personally don't give a rat's a$$ if anyone thinks I wasted my time and/or money.
I understand your point, I was just responding honestly to the OP's original questions in his first post of this thread.

"Hello there guys!

I was wondering if such a thing is even feasible?
Thinking about buying the 212 death row 4 stroker and putting it on the Motoped Cruzer as a custom build pretty soon. However, my brother explained that such an engine would simply be too big?

What do you all think?"

Just my opinion and he is free to do as he pleases.....I would never stop anyone from building their *dream machine*.

My suggestion as other have suggested....that's all.
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