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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I resolve the chain tension issue and got this running again has decent torque with the Nexus 3 but in 3rd it pulls and keeps pull I backed off it about 55 and with no brakes on it it took a long while to slowing it down on the shoulder of the county route. Anyway I estimate it will break 60 without effort this tire and wheel set is great for oil and chip but will likely ware out in a few months of steady riding .Yes it runs well with the larger combustion area granted by the GT 5 piston the ports open quicker stay open longer and it likely runs cooler overall but that's my estimate on the piston swap,the bottom of the piston skirt had to be radius cut to fit the connecting rod modification was to remove to center section,the piston trimmed thin all way round the inside the wrist pin is cross drilled and polished on this assembly as well these are the basics. The reciprocating weight attached to the crankshaft is much less but I did not remove the crankshaft to fit a solid steel rod journal so is still a lightweight far as rebuilding one of these. The work I favored was easy but without a working brake on this bike it's not stress proven I work it up to 3rd at low rpm's ,it will move..No fancy work done actually.
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