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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well I'm yet attempting to finish this, it requires a rear brake or a way to engage the coaster on it.If had it running and apart several times and no joking currently no brake on it. My plan currently is to remove the jack drive and mount an Archer on the frame the same setup as was featured earlier on this website. I'd like to keep the Nexus but I can't figure in a way to get it to stop and go once it go's. Any suggestions ? Got a few bolt on's that work running a GT 5 piston cut to fit in this with a generous 3 mm x 47 mm increase in the combustion chamber don't not much loss of power but haven't got it opened up in 3rd will likely reach 60 mph easily on these tire tub/wheel set. Anyway not sure if this is seasoned enough for some but here it is again just lately..
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