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Default Re: What kit/engine to buy for fairest price?

I think you can turn the motor on it's side and you may have to jar it to get the ball bearing out-

Basically ONE bearing goes under the bucking bar and then the cover should fit on with the clutch handle unengaged- wide open. The clutch is then engaged when the cable pulls it tight against the bucking bar and ball bearing.

I have one question- if the chain is already on, how did that happen? I usually have to engage the clutch- and granted not that easy, by pushing in on the bucking bar- to allow the chain to move forward and OVER the 10 motor sprocket. I think I took the plug out so there is no real compression, and carefully leveraged the teeth forward with a screwdriver until I could grab the chain once it was around the sprocket.

Did you remove the sprocket or something? if you reinstalled that incorrectly, that may be why the cover doesn't fit.

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