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Default Re: my journey begins

Thanks Legwon. I have been busy, and i did it with out sitting down. But it is aj enjoyable process.

Bummer about the poo poo being crap (coincidence? ), I had read good thing about it, but I'll heed your advice and seek other options.

So ideally if I replace the stock muffler it should be with one that has the same size pipe?

And I'm guessin the hard pipe poo poo is also too restrictive. Well once the engine is together I will probably play with the shock muffler as per your suggestion Davezilla.

I will look at my head and plug later when I get home and check the clearence again. I did before and I think it's ok, plus alot of people are running ngk plugs no problem, no?

And as far as my crankcase goes, I'm starting to think I should strip the screw head enough to use my stripped screw removal bit. It's shaped more for Robertson and Phillips stripped, so a flathead is a little more challenging. I don't think I'm up to drilling out the screw and retapping the hole. There's always a pia when doing projects.

thanks for the input, every bit helps.
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