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Default Re: my journey begins

thanks man. I was just trying to clean it up, I wasn't really thinking of power. I think I'm ok, just a tad under 28mm I think


and don't touch the intake port, roughness aids atomization fuel:air so on and so forth. or something like that. when I measure the intake stud gap it's 40mm, so I take it that the engine has a "40mm intake"?

piston ramping does scare me a bit, maybe not this build. I would definitely want a spare piston on hand, but I will try it eventually. now I have the tools to do it.

what my main goal with this build is to help this little china doll run as smoothly as it can. reduce noise and vibration are my biggest concerns. I also want some low end on this engine because I live on top of large hill, it's a large plateau really. but it has some nasty hills leaving in all but one direction where the grade is more gradual. so I'm going with the 44 t sprocket that came with the kit to start with.

I'm also interested in the port timing of which you speak, I've seen comments here and there referencing it. so I will take you up on that offer when the time comes, if convenient.

now I'm just waiting on a new gasket set, then I'll bore out the exhaust. Still haven't managed to split the crankcase, I would like to clean it out and match ports. I have read about using jb weld for stuffing the case to increase compression, but I wasn't planning on that this build. It's really depends on how quickly my back gets better to the point where I can ride my bike. then I'll want it mounted and running.
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