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Default Re: my journey begins

So I have continued on with BarelyAWake's sticky and went after the exhaust port. I also started cleaning up the exhaust as well,although I will probably replace it with a motorcross poo poo exhaust. apparently they are not as loud as others, and I like the idea of it being behind me.

the exhaust port was not so fun, but I'm pretty much there. it was pretty ugly before, as you can see




so started with the little steel etching bits, then small drum. all the sandpaper drums in the kit are probably 80 grit, no markings and seemingly no coarseness difference. I had the dremel right in the throat (after taping off most of the port) to reach the back corner. then 50 grit with a sharpie and chopstick mostly. then 80, 150, 400 just alittle.



so I appreciate the sticky, and the members here for making this journey a lot less trial and error. and more interesting, i never would have gone after the little engine with a dremel with out the explanations and pics.
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