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Default Re: looking for a engine that goes 50mph

assuming its a 66cc China girl- you're in for a struggle getting that kind of speed-

maybe a souped up version, with a jackshaft and shift-kit can get up near that-

the limiting factors are the one gear and the motor power itself-

If I wanted top performance right now without a lot of special mods- I'd take a 66 motor and get the wide intake spaced jug and put that on- with a billet intake for a wider intake CNS type performance carb- surest way to get more fuel to the motor- wider intake on carb and wider intake on the jug-
see my 66 bike here- THIN 27 x 1/1/4 wheels with alloy rims for fast rolling, and great pedaling-
and with a 34 alloy sprocket-

the smaller the rear sprock the faster the top end, but you may have a harder time pedal starting or peddling assist until it can kick in-

this bike will cruise at 30, but only top out about 35- with no special mods to the motor other than a billet intake and kit Speed carb.

Havent used high compression head, but that would probably help, as well as some kind of expansion chamber exhaust-

not interested in that- the bike makes too much noise already- that longer pipe is never coming! Got as much speed and power as I'd ever be comfortable with- and that's after racing USCF road for 14 years as a young foolish thing.
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