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i had problems with both mounts. and the "universal" mount isn't quite as universal as they think...
i had to make a temporary split mount for the front. the rear mount is shimmed a tiny bit to the right to line up well (almost zero drag out of gear). but i'm probably going to remove the shim when i redo the mounts, i don't really need it with the 32t.

Kioshk: i am curious how you got around the inward bow in the rear forks with a 44t installed though. that could gain me a little low end torque right there...
i tried turning the dished sprocket, offsets, washers on the axle ends, and everything else i could come up with but it still rubbed the upper rear fork with the 44 on. is there any way you could post a pic of your left rear fork area?

or would you guys suggest i just ramp it up a bit and just keep the 32t with it's higher top end speed???

to be honest, this is my first build and i'm certainly no engine guy. how would using pedals for some of the low end torque on the stepper hills effect overall performance??? would i even be able to maintain enough speed to keep the engine going? i'm guessing it would be ok to start it around 7-10mph or so... probably bog down and die out under that... so far, i have only ran it maybe 2 miles on level paved ground (still in testing stages).
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