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Default Re: How much paint do I need to buy

All good advice but I'll have to add that your question is hard to answer accurately.
There are too many variables. How many coats? How many different colors? Are you covering light or dark primer? You do plan on using primer don't you?.

Example: I used three 12 oz cans on one fuel tank not including 2 cans of primer and one of clear coat. It was a three color paint job.

Best advice is to choose a paint that is readily available and buy small quanties then go back for more if you didn't get enough. This isn't always easy if you go for a custom mixed color.

Just a hint but DupliColor automotive spray has a good selection of colors. Their clear coat doesn't stand up to gasoline though so choose a better clear. I've had good luck with TopFlite model airplane clear. It is available at hobby shops and formulated to be impervious to fuel of almost any kind and gives an acceptable shine and can be color buffed after is has cured.

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