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Default Leaving the forum for good.

Yes I, the artist formerly known as bigbutterbean, am hereby renouncing my membership to this forum. I'm choosing to keep the reasons to myself. I'm not even coming back to reply to comments on this thread, which may just end up getting closed anyway. There are a number of you who I'm sure will consider this a personal or collective victory. Even though I'm choosing to leave on my own and no one is making me do so, I will let you have that victory. I'm trying to focus on what's important in my life and get my priorities in order, and recent events have led me to reconsider how I should prioritize this forum, which is to say not at all. That may sound like a jab at the forum, but it's not. I've got my face buried in my screen all day long and I'm missing things that are right in front of me. Those things deserve all of my attention, because they actually matter. This place is just a website, nothing more nothing less and it just happens to be a place that I no longer feel a need to be. I'm not even saying goodbye, I'm just walking away. I'm done.
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