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Default Re: Fuel issue, topend studder, getting annoyed

In the power of an engine theres a trade off......

You can advance an engine at the flywheel or run a tighter gap to get a better bottom end take off advantage and better punch in the corners....

When you retard an engine it gives you a top end advantage by allowing a wider spark generated at higher rpm's to prevail in a bigger power increase by taking away the predetonation that occurs at top end speeds with a closer plug gap or advanced timed engine;-also retarding the flywheel gives leeway to fulltime nitrous usage without hurting the engine....

In my pick-up truck I run a MSD6 box with timing adjust knob on the dash.......I had one in my OLDs 442 also..It gives you on demand adjustability of the timing with the twist of a knob up to 15 degrees total and can be set to split the timing 7 1/2+ and 7 1/2-.The plug gap went from .035 to .o60;-{MSD recommendations}.......I use it set the knob a few degres advanced in stop and go traffic and when Im in 5th gear cruising I cut it back a few degrees and I save gas or use it to get the engine in places it would of never gone stock;-lol. I also run the MSD single cylinder CDI in my X-15 bike and it has flick of the switch capability to change from two timing advance or retard modes while on the fly.

The only thing it can hurt is the lower and midrange power and not a whole bunch that cant be made up with adding a stiffer clutch spring............................Peace

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