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Default Re: Actual Store Fronts for Motorized Bicycles?

I try to do only repairs. I keep standard parts on the shelf for use in doing repairs, but will sell a part if someone needs it. I make almost nothing when I sell a part (usually just $1 or $1,50) & then have to spend an hour or so to see where on inet I can order another one cheap. During slow repair times, I'll build a new bike for sale and then spend a month trying to sell it, but I make about $50 less selling a bike than if someone came in with a bike to buy a kit & have me build it (about $100 if I sell it, or $150 if I build it)..

OTOH, repair work is very slow these days because motors don't shake the bike apart as they used to, and other parts are getting more reliable too. Most repairs now are bad CDI or bad chain run.
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