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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Today I had a little time to play so I got my kx pipe set up and ready to install on the new build... I used the header adapter Fred sells and just had to cut the pipe in one place to re clock one bend, then trim it to match up to the header adapter. I chose to braze the pieces back together since I've never had a braze fail on an exhaust and it takes less time than setting up the tig welder.
I still need to re clock the stinger so it points straight back, then I need to find and aquire a silencer then that part of the build will be done.
The bike is coming close to completion but I still need to take the jug back off and match port the header adapter, intake, and install the piston rings, the cdi still needs to be mounted under the engine, and all cables and wires routed neatly and trimmed if needed.

Here's the bike as it sits now.... finally starting to look close to finished as progress is very slow on this one....

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