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Originally Posted by beginner01 View Post
Honestly dude who gives a crap about the people you deal with on this forum. They will all get over it. If you think of it as a video game here it will only help you deal with those you really love. Go home and show your wife the appreciation she wants. Behind every great man is a great woman, who was greatly appreciated by her man. Show her how much she means to you. Go down on her like she's Nina Hartley... Er you know what I mean... Mods gonna delete this anyway...
I have no idea who Nina Hartley is, as far as the rest of that comment goes there are certainly no problems there and that's all I'm going to say. I'm going to let the whole fat thing go because you obviously don't understand how I feel about it. The words fat, stupid and ugly really get my Irish up. They are just as offensive and hateful to me as racial slurs, perhaps even more so because being called a cracker doesn't bother me in the slightest. The thing of it is, how I act on this forum is really a reflection of my general attitude in life, and it needs to change badly, not necessarily for the sake of the people here, but for my wife and my family. I truly do not care what people think about me, if you like me that's cool and if you don't I've never considered that to be my problem and probably never will because I don't like society or people in general very much and probably never will so why should I care what they think of me? But the thing is, what I really do care probably way too much about is how people express those opinions to me. And I'm guilty of expressing my opinions in the same manner that I despise them being expressed to me, so I'm a hypocrite as well. But I want to change, really not for anyone else's sake so much as my own. I'm tired of getting angry and upset at everything that other people say and do. It stresses me out a lot, all the time. I apologized for my actions because I feel that publicly recognizing my mistakes is a step on the road to maturity. I'm trying to train myself to ignore things people do that I don't like, and stop criticizing everything, which I admit I do a lot. But I also hate it when others criticize me. For example and not to stir things up, but when you criticized my wheels for their weight but when in another thread where a guy built a Briggs bike with almost the exact same wheels, you said nothing and that highly irked me. And I'm not pointing that out to start an argument. I'm simply stating how I felt at the time and why I felt that some of your comments and unsolicited advice made me feel like you were singling me out. And I'm not saying any of this disrespectfully. Despite all of that, I actually respect a lot of the comments you've made in this thread. Perhaps if the staff here ever decides to give me a second chance and lift my chat ban, you and I will come to respect each other more, at least that is my hope.

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