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Default Re: Apologies

Good day all.

My initial reaction to this thread was to not engage this individual. After some thought though, I've decided to post the private message in question. (It was concerning the use of the confederate flag as an avitar.)
I am, you see, the person excluded from this apology.
Those of you who have shared discussion with me are likely aware that I am not a bully, nor do I threaten others.
I leave it to my fellow members to decide.

dtv5403- It's at least a start that you have apologized to most of the members of this forum. You have, in fact, "acted like a major tool".
If you believe that you have growing up to do, make a conscious effort to mature. It will benefit you greatly.
Observation would have made obvious to you that this site is not a place that type of behavior is tolerated. The moderators here do a fine job of controlling the content posted, and we are all grateful.

My private message to dtv5403 for consideration;

Thank you for your time.

It's cooler to not fall off your bike.