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To be honest, I could not find the block button and have had to mentally block you. I'm the so-called fat shamer. Not a shamer at all, in fact I was fat once (230 in 2004, now 170 after drugs and cigarettes). I guessed you were fat because of one a-hole I knew, that I was sure you were one and the same with, guy had an rx8 he could not smog and shamed my brand new car for having a "girly" color.... Which I think is the sexiest color of all time (subaru sage green). You have to stop looking for the shortcomings of man and read through the details. If somebody quoted you wrong, like they did one time when they meant to quote me, you leave it. You don't need to point out every mistake. You need to look for the great in peoples achievements. That's all really. The only reason I said you're fat... Well cause of that one fat guy... And all the a holes that treated me like crap when I worked in the service industry (bicycle taxi) and learned how to build extremely strong wheels in San Diego.
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