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Default Re: my journey begins

if the gasket is actual metal, it should be fine to grind it out to shape, with a dremel or the like.

for porting the intake and exhaust, its waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to do it from the outside of the jug.
the transfer ports... not so easy. :s
i dont have a method to do them as of yet, the tools i use are works gear. and the die grinder bit is much too large for them. works great for the bottom end though.
gotta watch WHERE you take off , and how MUCH you take off the intake and exhaust... they WILL effect the operation of the engine!!

speaking of bottom end... thats where a lot of the bottlenecking comes from.
at very least, match it to the jug.
easiest way to do so is to split the case, and match jug. each side.
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