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Default Re: hello from palmdale, ca

Hay Nate, This is Joel, I've done the Schwinn motorized build twice. Three build's of motorized bike's so far, number 1 was a mountain bike, build's 2-3 where Schwinn low rider Stingray's. I'm about to build #4 That will be for sale.
I'm seeing that your in the area, I like to build thing's and would love a riding partner, once your tuned in and ripping.
WHat I'm saying is, I can help you get you Schwinn going and maybe, Since I don't know the A.V. since I arrived in DEC. you could maybe go for a cruise and show me, cool stuff about this dusty city.
I also would like to return to experimenting with H2O, modification's for speed and mileage increase.
Have a Small Electrolysis cell, already made, used it for awhile, but got work through some detail's to getting it to work well on my wheel's.
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