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Default Re: Actual Store Fronts for Motorized Bicycles?

there are a few, but business fees and regs make it too hard in many places to open a store - one near me uses their auto repair facility to build bikes in their down time, but they have to charge $50 an hour for labor (even $50 for a diagnostic inspection when it won't start) and sell crappy $88 bikes with a cheap kit and only one coaster brake for $599 plus sales tax to make it profitable

I have all the tools & equip from my motorcycle shop at my house & only charge $20/hour, and have never even taken in enough to make a mortgage payment in any month. If you do serious damage to a motor, I advise buying a new one from me for $100 rather than paying me $40 for labor & maybe another $40 for parts so you'll have a brand new one rather than used one in the end.

I'm strictly walk-in tho & don't sell anything over inet.
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