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Default Re: Actual Store Fronts for Motorized Bicycles?

Sears now resells HT engines ($700!!!) they are a storefront but I'm certain this isn't what you were asking. I think the reason there are so few is because it's a matter of keeping prices down. Frustrating I know. As far as service goes, I've never been turned away from a small engine repair since our HT motors are simpler than most lawnmowers or leaf blowers, closer in design than ultralight aircraft or outboard engines. So as far as service goes that works, but parts is another story. Like Knightscape says there are a few though not in Texas that I'm aware of.
BTW: My girlfriend says she's going to leave me if I don't switch my account picture. I can't believe I could really be let off the hook that easily. I would have used this picture YEARS ago!
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