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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yup, Steel rim with 12 guage spokes, I've said it time after time. If ya ride REAL light, ya might get by with an aluminum rim and 14 guage spokes. But a rag joint putting extra stress on what are already a light guage spoke usually works out just like what ya got now. a wobbly wheel. most bike shops will sell you a steel rim with 12 guage for about $50. Then, of course I'm in favor of adapters too. a rag joint will work if set up on a proper wheel. I just don't think a aluminum rim with 14 guage spokes is good enough for that. I have a customer in now that FINALLY,(after 3 bent wheels) went down to Bicycle Express and spent his $50 for a proper wheel. He should be OK now. You might get the aluminum rim with the 14 a little cheaper, but in the long run yer gonna spend more replacing bent wheels.
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