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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Nothing today, but a few days ago I took me an approx. 12 mile round trip ride to a nearby small town, on the way back I notice the bike felt a bit odd at 35+mph so I slowed a bit and looked back at rear wheel to find it had a fairly severe wobble, I slowed down and limped back home hoping the wheel would hold up for a few miles at low 20mph speeds.

It made it back just fine, but I wanted to say that I have come to the conclusion that a wheel with 14ga spokes, using a rag joint type sprocket coupler just doesn't hold up on my bikes on these rough dirt roads I ride on at typical cruise speeds of 35-40+ MPH

I've always been a bit concerned at how the kit coupler really stresses the 14ga spokes when its tightened down since it really pulls them outward like it does, but now after having three different 14ga spoke rear wheels on this bike and all of them having issues I have decided I will not be using a "rag Joint" on a wheel with 14ga spokes again.

My oldest bike has the rag joint on 14ga spokes and has more miles on it than all my other bikes and has had no issues so far, but it also has a much weaker engine and only cruises at 25-28 mph so that may be one of the differences compared to a bike that will cruise down these rough dirt roads at 40+ mph.

Yep the most recent wheel on the Kulana bike looks to have broke 4 spokes on the drive sprocket side under the coupler so what I will be doing to this bike next will be putting a rear wheel on it that has at least 12ga spokes and since I'm a huge fan of a good coaster wheel it may be getting that so I can just eliminate the rag joint coupler all together and use one of my hub adapters for a much stronger and more reliable setup.
It seems to me that hub adapters are the best thing that s happened to those type systems. Also Staton Inc. has all kinds of goodies including hubs and left hand free wheels, adapters etc. for just about everything. They also sell heavy gauge spokes. I could easily spend all day just browsing their site. if you click on these links, you will see pics of my system where the adapter threads on to my hub.

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