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Default Re: What kit/engine to buy for fairest price?

I'm definitely agreeing with crassius here but I will also do my best to help get your bike on the road... the first thing you need to do is explain in as accurate detail as possible what issues you're having and posting pics always makes it easy for us to see what's wrong, right, or needs to be done differently.

From just what I read it sounds like you need to clock the clutch cam so the cover sits flush, then you can bolt the cover on, gotta leave the cover off to get the chain on tho... there is a way to feed the chain in with the cover on but it's a lot easier for a beginner to set it up with the cover off.. the thing here is even if you buy a new engine from one of the best vendors you'll run into the same issues, the info is all in here but you can still ask and get help, most of us won't make you search...
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