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Default Re: Harbor Freight 212cc on Motoped Cruzer?

My bad I transposed my brain . the gx is the Honda industrial the flat is an E22.
Sorrrrrry. My bad . I should read my posts better...
The rest holds true.
The gx max RPM is 3800 .
The E is 7800. Nearly double.....
The gx harbor freight 212 ( Honda clone) is 6.5 hp.
The E22 style Lifan 140 cc ( Honda clone ) 1s 12 hp ( again nearly double at close to half the displacement)
The weight issue you mention ?
The HF engine is 38lbs with no trans. or clutch. Now add these and check the weight again.....
The E22 is 36 lbs with trans and clutch.....Dry I just put one on the scale .
Any of the E22 style engines will bolt directly into the Motoped frame and controls without mods....
The 212 will require many mods .
The end results will be what they will be.....
Granted , the 212 is cheaper but as someone mentioned earlier, you are talking about a Motoped . Not a cheap option to begin with....
By the time you manage to get a HF212 to perform similar to a LF 140 E22 ( if that is possible )and squeeze it into the Motoped , you probably won't save a dime........
The one sure bet is that you will loose reliability.
Happy Trails......

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