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Default Re: Trickle Charge White Wire?

As I suspected the second post didn't go through. I got bumped of AGAIN!

Here goes for try no 3.

Second post The model T Charging system.

My model T has a magnito just like th Chinese bikes. This is not compatable with the altinator or the generator/regulator charging circuits.

To solve this battery charging problem in my model T which has a battery and no onboard charging systim I came up with the following circuit It really works.

The circuit consists of a diode and a 6 volt tungsten filaimat light bulb in series with the magnito and the battery. I used a 6 volt auto dome light and a diode rated at 24v piv.

The diode is connected to the magnito with the arrow pointing AWAY from the magnito. The light bulb is connected to the diode and to the battery. When the rpms go up and the voltage gets higher the bulb gets brighter regulating the current. the diode acts as a half wave regulator which makes the voltage look dc to the battery.

Because I keep getting bumped off I will end this thread for now. any questions, please feel free to ask

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