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Default Re: speed vs acceleration... not satisfied

Thanks for your post Dave. I'm going to keep messing with it but not for long.. Took it out today with 6.75:1 and it was not any more spectacular than at 8.43:1, though the acceleration starting from 3300rpm is still taking me getting used to. It does take off the line real quick.

(15t, 6.75:1, 3300rpm springs) 41mph @ 4100rpm, 1:1

It appeared to be at least direct drive, if not overdrive.

My gear ratio calculator shows I should be going 46mph at this rpm with direct CVT drive, so if this really was direct drive, then I have 13% slip. If this was overdrive, then 21% slip. Either way, the slippage it killing it for me!

I'm going to take your advice and put the driven on the heavier side, to try to increase my CVT's use of the powerband. If it doesn't work.. I will get sell it and use the funds to build up a 2-speed auto.. Out on this ride today I found myself missing the (above 20mph) performance of the single speed.
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