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Default Re: Trickle Charge White Wire?

I just posted my fix on the thread but my computer bumped me off line BUMMER!

Here goes a posting second try.

First of I am a retired electrical engineer with 35years in the machine tool industry.
Charging circuits aer not my field, but i will try to explain without too many complications. Because of getting bumped off I will do it with two posts. the first being charging circuits in general and the second being my suggested fix.

First post, description of charging circuits.

Auto charging circuits come in two main catagories. # 1 is the altanator that use a bridge diode network to regulate the voltage and amperage. #2 type is the generator that uses coils with breakers to regulate the voltage/current. Because the Chinese use a magneto the above two circuits probably wouldn,t work well for us.
In my next post I will explain my Model T tyep charging circuit

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