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Default Motorcycle Speedometer

While Ill admit the most Ive spent is about 200 on a computer, I have gone through 8 without finding one that I truly like. Either glare gets in the way, takes too long to pick up speed differences (gps models), insufficient lighting at night, yada yada (yes Im a little picky lol). I can accelerate very quickly, and top out at over 50, being in a small town the local 5-0 and I have an understanding that so long as I follow motorcycle laws theyll leave me alone (yes I have a cycle license). 4 have thoroughly ran the bike themselves to see that it can handle the speed and the braking. Every one of them had the same complaint, they knew they were going faster than the speedos kept up.

So, I was wondering if anyone has played with old harley or honda mechanical speedos for our bikes. They are based off 16" rims, so they should only be a mile or so off at 40mph. The part Im wondering about is hub adaptation. Anyone try it?
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