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Default Re: speed vs acceleration... not satisfied

Sounds like you got it right with your idea.. Use the drive side to set the engagement rpm, then use the driven side to control the shift rate. You can also get different rate springs to even further fine tune it.

I had a Comet converter on a go kart when I was a lot younger and it worked great until I started messing with the engine to make it faster and have more power, then it wasn't so great because it didn't match the engine's power curve. After complaining about it to the right person I was shown how these work and that other springs were available if it still wasn't right. After I got the right spring for the driven side and in the right position the acceleration was very nice and so was top speed.

I do think that the moped/scooter type variators are a better design for the drive side tho since the weights are more readily available and there are even more options for the rear spring on the driven side either by being adjustable instead of just having 3 positions to set it at, and there are more srping rates available if a spring change is needed.

Then once everything goes the way it should, then you can change the rear sprocket either to a larger one for better acceleration or a smaller one for more top speed, and if going with a smaller or larger sprocket changes the acceleration too much, it's always possible to slow down or speed up the cvt's shift rate to compensate as long as your final ratio is reasonable.
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