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Default Re: speed vs acceleration... not satisfied

Yea, tav.

Hmm.. I will check out the scooter cvts. Good suggestion. Looks like they use a cent clutch to hookup to a cvt which is always engaged. Hmm...

Switching to lowest driven tension from middle netted a 3or 4 mph gain from 30mph. This told me that middle position never went into overdrive. It just shifts too fast....hmmm

LIGHTBULB! Changing the driver springs is about engagement and tuning the cvt for the beginning of the ideal powerband... Could the driven be used to increase useable powerband?

Then there is cvt slip. Still strongly considering fabricating a 2-speed though. Those MT clutches when hooked up have very close to zero slip or none at all.

There is a thread on OMB about 2-speed vs torqueconverter, post 4 details a drag race between the two and post 6 details slippage. here

So I guess I'm basically stuck huh... If I had a bigger motor we wouldn't be having this conversation... But the challenge is exciting.
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