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Default Re: Trickle Charge White Wire?

Originally Posted by biken stins View Post
Are the bulbs that work off the white wire AC ? Or is it a volt or watt thing ? I use a headlight bulb from a generator on wheel type. It works ok to be seen. Can't use another for tail light as engine dies. what the heck, just like brakes there over rated. We have small shiny reflectors.
Light bulbs don't care; they're ac/ some people I know. If you use the white wire to power a lamp you must use 2 wires and one grounded to the engine block or to the frame if the engine is not isolated from the frame by rubber, paint, etc. If the white wire goes to ground (engine, frame) it will kill your ignition, same as a kill button. Same thing will happen if the bulb shorts out internally; don't laugh, I've seen it happen too many times.
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