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Default Re: Opinions on motorizing bikes to sell

It's tough to compete at $295 the problem being people will gravitate to the lowest number no matter how bad. His post could probably read "Low quality, unreliable, flat out dangerous, motorized bikes starting at $295" and people will go to his post. I should feel lucky at $399 I guess. I hope to have a very inexpensive offering but have a 4 stroke with front and rear disc available for say 6 to 7 hundred that will sell at least to some people. I set up the Caraci deal and can hook you up directly with the importer if you ever have a need. My friend runs the brick and mortar store and feeds me the Micargi bikes thru there if I want them. If you want the inside to setting up as a dealer with either PM me and I will get you the info.
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