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Default Re: Opinions on motorizing bikes to sell

Thanks for the tips!!! I just ordered a motor from your eBay seller to try it out. I am a Micargi and Caraci dealer so I can do single speed bikes with two brakes pretty easily. It goes against everything 30 years working in bike shops on and off but I may try a Huffy Cranbrook build. I can add a disc brake set up on the stock parts and re build the rear hub with loose ball bearings and high performance grease so it should be decent. The comparable Micargi cruiser has thinner spokes and low flange hubs so the Huffy may actually a better base, I'm still trying to get my head around that ha ha. This is really a test bike but I will post it for sale to test the waters. There are a couple builders in my town with motorized bikes starting at 399 on craigslist so I need a winning combination at a cost of about 250 to 275 max.
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